UG Courses

UG Courses

CE-331A Geoinformatics

Introduction to surveying, Linear measurements, Compass surveying, Levelling and Contouring, Plane Tabling (PT), Theodolites, Tacheometric Surveys, Errors and adjustments, Triangulation, Introduction to Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, EDM/Total Station/GPS.

CE-373 Survey and Geology camp

Survey Camp: Reconnaissance and establishing the stations, Base line measurements, Triangulation readings on various stations, Computation and preparation of triangulation map, Contouring, Preparation of map, Preparation of detailed report.

Note: Geology Camp: Conducted by Geoscience group.

CE-472A Geographical Information System

Introduction: Geoinformation and its significance, definition of GIS, overview of application fields, history of GIS.

GIS data: Spatial and non-spatial data, spatial data model and significance- raster, tessellation, vector, 2.50 model, spatio-temporal models, hybrid, object oriented; advantages and disadvantages of various models; Topology and topological models; Spatial referencing using coordinates and geographic identifiers, metadata.