Sample Data Sources

CategoryLink For Data
LiDAR1. Open Topography
2. ISPRS Test Project on Urban Classification and 3D Building Reconstruction
3. ISPRS Sample Dataset
4. Terrasolid Sample Dataset
5. IDAHO Sample Dataset
6. libLAS Sample Dataset
7. Sample Dataset
8. Robotic 3D Scan Repository
9. BigSFM: Reconstructing the World from Internet Photos
10. OpenDroneMap
12. The Málaga Stereo and Laser Urban Data Set
13. KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite
14. Linz Data Service
15. Large-Scale Point Cloud Classification Benchmark
16. The Geneva Land Information System (SITG)
17. Geiger-Mode LiDAR Samples
18. Maryland's Mapping & GIS Data Portal
Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery 1. Bhuvan
2. VITO Earth Observation
3. Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Scenes
4. Hyperspectral Images
5. Testing Codes and Data
6. Optical Imagery, Radar Imagery and Elevation Models/3D
7. USGS Sample Dataset
8. SpecTIR Sample Dataset
9. Optics Sample Dataset
10. Hyperspectral images of natural scenes
OpenStreetMap(OSM) Vector Layers 1. OSM Data export
2. Mapzen
3. OSM data for Europe region
SAR 1. RISAT-1 Sample Dataset
2. ALOS Sample Dataset
3. ESA Sample Dataset-1
4. ESA Sample Dataset-2
5. ESA Sample Dataset-3
6. GMTSAR Sample Dataset