Instrument's List

Instrument’s List

Title Total Available Total Working
Aluminium Rod 1010
Bar Coded Staff55
Nikon Auto Level 109
Lieca Auto Level44
Trimble Dini Level22
Bipod 1010
Extension Board 1010
Extension wire 22
GPS Bipod with 2m Rod 88
Juno 3B with Accessories 2020
Magellan SporTrak Map GPS 22
Multi Battery Adapter 1010
Prism 1410
Tiltable Target 1414
Trimble R10 GNSS System 22
Trimble R3 GPS 109
Trimble R4 22
Trimble R7 GPS11
Trimble Geo7x GPS11
Trimble Total Station M3 Series DR200+55
Trimble Total Station 3600 Series DR200+22
Trimble Total Station 5600 Series DR200+1010
Trimble Total Station S8 Series11
Trimble V-10 Image Rover11
Riegl Laser Scanner11
Optech Laser Scanner11
Tripod 1010